‘Sunrise / Sunset’, a highly political exhibition

"Sunrise / Sunset"
Perrotin Gallery

The exhibition presents speactaculor pieces such as the monumental bronze "De Gier" (2015-2017), alongside more intimate, confidential works like "Vulvas" ou the series of photographs "C'est dans ma nature". From "Wargames" to "The Strip", each artwork is an exploration of our relationships with the world – physical and mental, real and imaginary – filled with fantasies, obsessions and flashes of brilliance.

"Sunrise / Sunset" move us by its solar beauty. This new representation of Johan Creten's œuvre will show us a committed and lucid artist – lucid because of his commitment – whose works are epiphanies of deep-seated beauty. For that is the risk of any aesthetic and political project: staring straight into the sun often burns the eyes and skin.

"La Petite chouette", 2016 ; "Madame Butterfly", 2001 ; "Présentoir d'Orange", 1989-2017
"Vulva", 2017 ; "Points d'Observation", 2017
"Alte Mutti", 2016-2017
“As an admirer of Antiquity, the silence of marble and the mystery of bronze, Johan Creten is a champion of "Slow Art"; his works reveal themselves slowly, they require time. They must be visited thoroughly, supremely, using both the eyes and the feet.”
Colin Lemoine
"The Sphynx", 2014-2017 ; "Points d'Observation", 2017 ;" Vulva", 2017 ; "The Pearl", 2016
"La Cible du Diable I, II, III", 2017 ; "Point d'Observation", 2017 ; "Europa's Dream", 2014-2015 ; "Wargame Tondo I", 2014-2015

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